What type of tile comes to your mind when you think of beautifying your floor in a grand style? I’d say that you are mistaken if you mention any other tile aside from terrazzo. Terrazzo tiles have been at the top of every improvement or renovation material list in this present time.

It is not an overstatement to say that you can never find a better tile than terrazzo when it comes to versatility and creativity. You don’t even need to visit a professional before you confirm that. Terrazzo tiles have ever been the face of flooring both in residential and commercial spaces. 

When working with terrazzo, you have to box your thinking. Rather, let your imagination soar and allow your creative abilities to come alive. If you can do that successfully, you will create a one-of-a-kind design that will wow everyone at first sight. 

Don’t worry about anything; terrazzo tiles can easily give you any pattern or design you can ever think or imagine. From the multiple colour options to the variety of sizes, you have neither boundaries nor limits.

However, some installers still complain that they get stock of modern designs when laying terrazzo tiles, which is why this article. To help you with some classic pattern ideas that can stay in vogue for several years to come, even as styles and tastes change. 

Are you ready? Let’s take some inspiration.

Top 7 Best Pattern Ideas for Terrazzo Tiles

1. Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern is among the most popular pattern in the interior design world. I don’t know why many people prefer this pattern, but I can tell you it looks good both on the wall and floor. Though it is among the oldest designs, it still fits perfectly into this modern time. 

The herringbone pattern is a stunning arrangement of perfect rectangles used to cover the floor of residential and commercial places. Do you know that the herringbone pattern gets its name from a fancied resemblance of the bones pattern of a bony fish known as herring

The herringbone pattern is classic. You can make the blocks either to be rectangles or parallelograms. Most times, the length ratio of a typical herringbone Is usually 2:1, and you can also make it 3:1 depending on how your creative ability permits. 

2. Classic Subway

I know you might have heard about subway tiles before. But have you heard about the classic subway? Well, if it’s no, let me be the one to tell you that classic subway is a kind of design. Meanwhile, you need to note that classic subway as a pattern is not restricted to subway tiles alone. It brings the best result if you use terrazzo tiles. 

Meanwhile, the classic subway has also been in existence for nearly a decade now, and it still fits well into the modern trend. It started with two designers who decided to stack the first set of subway tiles in their preferred way. The stacking pattern later became a trend and gave birth to a timeless design. 

I know you might want to ask why I am compiling a list of old designs. Well, these are not old designs. They only started a long time ago, and they are still in vogue. So, the idea is to give you timeless pattern ideas that have been relevant for years, still relevant now, and will continue to be appropriate. 

3. Classic pattern at a diagonal

This pattern is nothing but a twisted version of the classic subway pattern that we discussed above. If you paid attention properly, then you already have a picture of what this pattern resembles. All that matters is to make it in a diagonal form. 

To create this design, get your terrazzo tiles on the ground and stack them like bricks. After you might have done this, rotate the stacked terrazzo tiles at 45 degrees. Then, you have your classic pattern at a diagonal in style. Now, that was simple, right? Yes. But as simples, as it might seem, it is unique and charming on the floor.  

4. Step Ladder 

At your first glance, you will perceive this pattern as if someone put stepping stones in a step ladder. Have you seen a step ladder before? Then you must have an idea of what a step ladder pattern resembles.

Indeed, it is better to express this pattern in pictures than in words. This pattern comes with magic. If you install your terrazzo tiles in a mini kitchen in the bathroom, it will surprise you how your kitchen or bathroom will appear bigger. Of course, there is nothing supernatural about it. It’s just a minor effect of creativity.

Using terrazzo tiles to create this classic pattern will help increase the uniqueness and bring glamour to your space. This design will make everyone that steps into your home nod yes.

5. Geometric Look

One of the benefits you will adore while using your terrazzo tiles to create this pattern is that it is easy and fun to do. You don’t need to go for installation tutorials before you make this design perfectly. It is best for kitchen and bathroom walls or floor. 

To create this design, place two horizontal lines side by side with two vertical lines. Then, you have done it! It is simple as that. 

6. Herringbone ay 45 Degree

Do you still remember the first herringbone pattern we discussed earlier? If yes, you are just one step away from creating another unique design with your terrazzo tiles. So, what do you have to do? Simple. Make herringbone pattern at 90 degrees and rotate it to 45 degrees. There you go.

7. Stacked Vertical

You can create this magic design by vertically stacking your terrazzo tiles. Then, this new design is born. You have to offset the rows to add twists and maturity to the traditional stacked pattern. You will love most in kitchens and bathrooms.


The above-listed patterns are very simple to create, but you might need professional assistance to guide you through, especially if you have not done anything tiling before. Nevertheless, terrazzo tiles are flexible and versatile enough for you to easily create excellent designs on your space’s wall or floor.