So, you are thinking of laying terrazzo floor tiles in your bathroom? You have made a nice decision. As you might also have guessed, laying terrazzo tiles on your bathroom floor or any other part of the house is a good-vibe home improvement. Indeed, no one can argue the fact that it makes the whole building look and feels better. Click here to learn more about Essential tools to lay Terrazzo floor tiles.

Now that you are thinking of doing the terrazzo floor tiles installation yourself, I need to pat you on the back right now. Do you know the implication of what you are about to do? You want to save up to half of how much it would cost you if you invite a professional tile installer to come and do the work. 

More than that, doing it yourself will help sharpen your creative skills and give you a sense of contentment after the work. Yes, it feels good realizing that you have done something worthwhile to upgrade your building with your hands. 

However, the whole installation process can be stressful if you dint have the right tools on the ground. Indeed, having the essential tools will make the tiles’ installation pretty much easier and stress-free. And, If you know how to handle the tools, you will finish the job in no time, even if you want to tile the whole building floor.

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have not done any tiling before. In that case, you would need to get familiar with the essential tools you will need to install the terrazzo tiles easily. It might also delight your heart to know that you can get all of those tools with $100 or less. 

Now, let’s get to the list.

1. Tile Cutter

Tile Cutter is also known as tile wet. Out of all the tools you will need to install your terrazzo tiles, a tile cutter is among the most essentials. Without it, don’t even dare to begin the tile installation at all. 

You can use the tile cutter to cut all other types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. It comes with a teeth-less blade with a diamond that gets filled with water while you are cutting and keeps it from overheating.  

You must note that you can also rent a tile cutter if your pocket can not bear the expenses. However, renting will cost you more because you will have to pay per day.

2. Grout Float

A grout float has a masonry or concrete trowel; however, the slight difference is that it comes with a rubber base. This tool will aid you to apply the grout to the joints between the terrazzo tiles you have installed. After you might have applied the grout into the joint spaces, use this float to scrape the grout until it flushes with the terrazzo tiles surfaces. Do you know what makes this tool indispensable? You can never find any tool with which you can apply grout more effectively than a grout float. 

3. Grout Sponge 

This tool is big and thick and usually comes with rounded edges and corners. It is the next best thing after the float because it takes over immediately after you finish applying the grout to the joints. A Grout sponge is what you need to smoothen over all the grout joints and clean the excess from the surface of your terrazzo tiles. 

Though some people prefer using the ordinary household sponge as an alternative, it still can’t serve efficiently like a gout sponge. 

4. Notched Trowel 

Notched trowels are good for applying adhesives to your terrazzo tiles either on the wall or floor. Note that a square-notched trowel is what you need to use thin-set mortar on floor terrazzo tiles, while a V-notched trowel is good for tile mastic on wall tiles. Trowels are available in different notch sizes. You will need to choose the right choice based on the recommendations of the mastic or thin-set producer. 

5. Tile Nippers 

This tool helps take irregular cuts that you cannot achieve with a snap cutter. Tile nippers come with plier-like handles. Though you do the whole tiling without a tile nipper, it is one of the best aids you can get while laying your terrazzo tiles.

6. Chalk Line

The beauty of terrazzo comes out when you maintain a perfectly straight line, so you can not ignore any tool that can make it happen without stress. Of course, using a chalk line to get a straight line is an old method in tiling but, it still works perfectly to date.  If your want to learn more about floor tiles please visit this page has tremendous information about floor tiles.

To use the chalk line, load the tool with a chalk powder, mix by shaking and stretch the string to your preferred length. After that, snap the string to get a straight blue line on your wall or floor.

7. Bubble Level

The bubble level is not strictly for installing terrazzo tiles, but it is among the essential tools that can give you an excellent result at the end of the work. The bubble level is also known as carpenter or spirit’s level. It is helpful when marking horizontal, vertical, diagonal layout lines on the floor or wall. You also use it to check whether your tile levels or plumb.

8. Rubber Mallet 

Rubber Mallet is the toll you will tap your terrazzo tiles into place. Meanwhile, you have to be gentle enough while using it to avoid cracking the tiles. If you have bought your terrazzo tiles already, you know how much it is worth. So, you may estimate how much you would lose if you break one.

9. Plastic Buckets 

Though it might surprise you to see a bucket on this list, it is an essential tool in the terrazzo tile installation process. I know it is a common household item, but you can’t mix your mortar and grout adequately without a medium-sized plastic bucket. 

10. Tape

This tool will help you much in the installation process since you are not a professional tiler yet. Tapes are good for covering the spaces in between the tiles after you have filled them to prevent them from spilling.


Installing terrazzo tiles on your bathroom wall or floor can be overwhelming, especially if you have all the crucial tools you need for the installation; you will find the whole job easy. You might also need to learn how to use each of the tools properly by reading the manufacturer’s manual. It’s also not a bad idea to watch a pro to know better.